I’m so excited you’re reading this!

If you are  reading this,  it means that  you really want to make a lasting change in your life.

I work with my life experience as well as Angelic Realms.

My name is Francisco Javier Ossa, I am Spiritual Guide, Life Coach & Angel Specialist.  My areas of expertise are vast. I  can help you with everything in your life.

Now you may ask yourself, how can he do that? Well let me tell you a little secret: whenever we feel a certain way it stems from something.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you out of balance?
  • Is something holding you back?
  • Do you know what’s holding you back?
  • Are you aware that there is another level of consciousness?
  • Do you want to set yourself free?
  • Do you feel empowered?
  • Are you stuck?
  • Are you not making the right choices for you?
  • Are you performing well at work?
  • Are you stuck in one position?
  • Are you happy with your career choices?
  • Do you get written up a lot at work?
  • Are you always late for work?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you alone or lonely?
  • Are you always tired?
  • Do you want to feel healthier?
  • Do you know how to eat healthy?
  • Do you feel that you don’t receive constructive criticism well?
  • Are you aware?


And the list goes on and on. If you identify then I have all the answers. I do!! My life has taught to me everything I need to know to empower my self and overcome anything!!

I invite you to start with a discovery call with me. By you making this call you have already taken the first step in making a long lasting change in your life.

Saying I will is not enough; saying I am is everything.





  • So young. So wise. You came along at the RIGHT time as I am at a big turning point in my life without direction until I found your channel! Thank you so much.

  • Another great video of yours! I have been watching them for most of the day today. Thank you so much for putting this wonderful information out there.

  • Wow! At first I thought it was love, but now I realize it was fear! Thank you so much for helping me to see the light!

  • What the… How do you always make the best videos?!?! I cant stop laughing, because I am like, dude this person cant be human, their videos are too freaking perfect!
  • Enjoying another one of your life changing blogs! I am learning so much everyday and always look forward each day to them! Thank you again.

Healing and touching peoples hearts