Is it Love or is It Fear ?

Sometimes we buy a pair of shoes, glasses, car, house and many material things in order for us to be happy. However, we love how the items makes us feel yet we don’t love the shoes or the glasses as we would love a person!

When we are with our boyfriends, husbands, friends and/or family members we tend to sometimes be with them for the wrong reason and we are not aware of it.

For example:

  • We have a boy-friend and we don’t love the person. We love, ” the boyfriend”, as if the boyfriend was a thing or a pet.
  • We are dependent on them and/or others to be ok, and that’s an indication that you might be lonely.
  • We don’t ask our self why we do things– we just do them, and then we realize we are in a puddle of mud!

So by us being with them and ” hiding ” behind them, we tend to be comfortable and we stop growing. If you partner,friend, family etc, does not bring the light out of you and/or points you in the right direction, is that person for you? or is it time to accept them and you continue, ” the you journey alone?

Family is always important, but we must draw boundaries and crate our own life despite what they say.

Therefore, do you feel that this has happened to you ? If so that’s ok !! The fact that you are aware of it is the first step to correct your behavior so that you can set your self free!!

I ask you today … are you true to your-self ? Are you hiding behind someone or something ?

Be not afraid !! Jump into the unknown and I promise you that you will grow and you will build confidence in the process!!

Love you, always and forever!!

Francisco J. Ossa 😇🌈❤️


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