Healing, Self Serching

Physical & Mental

Everything in the universe has a balance in order for it to function. Galaxies have gravity that pulls  in matter, solar systems have a sun, and they go around, planets have a moon to keep them from floating away.

So what about our bodies?

Think of your body like its own Solar System and the Sun is the brain. We must find a way to keep everything together in order for us to be balance. If there is to much of one thing, then your taking away and/or depriving something from on other place in your body.

For example

  • Not exercising, will cause you to, have too much energy and/or not enough and gain weight.
  • Not having a proper intake of vitamines from natural foods, will cause vitamins  deprivation.
  • Not taking care of your life challenges — such as psychological issues, may show in your body –as fat, behavior and/or disease.

So we must find a way to keep it all together in a nice box of doing (routine). Sometimes, routines are so boring!! I know, trust me!! But then again you MUST find a way to balance your routine in order to have a balance!!  Meaning,  switch it up– yet keep it all together!!

You must always zoom out of what you are doing and see if from a bigger picture.

Remember that the universe is infinite, so why not you?


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