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Negativity – VS – Critical

poz-negDo you sometimes feel that over critical people tend to be very negative? Do you feel that every time you are around a critical person, you feel that they are sucking the life at of you?? If so, then yes.

Critical people tend to always find what’s not in order to satisfy their prospective and feed their ” understanding”  of who they are. Some critical people don’t know how to express them self, yet they mean well. On the contrary,  some people are good; they know how to give constructive feed back.

There is a big difference between contrastive and destructive. A contrastive person, will find a way to be critical, yet at the same time turn the critical perspective into a constructive  positive feed back. A negative person will find a way to use critical thinking and use it against you and be destructive (negative).

When is enough enough ? When is it when say, ” oh my God, this is too much?”. Well, the answer lays in our hearts and we must listen to it. In my past article called , ” Is It Love or Fear”, it talk about why we are in relationship that we are in. Sometimes,  we are in  relationships because we luck self-love and/or we are lonely, and we tend to over see what people are doing to us in order to fill a void.

If we are choosing to be with a person that is critical and they are using it to embrace  the good  of you , then I will say keep that friend, family etc. Real relationships are one’s that are full of growth and feedback from one an other.

If you are choosing to stay in a relationship, and the person that is ” helping you”is being negative, then I would ask my self ,” why is the person still in my life, and what am I am  getting out of this?”. If and when you answer this question,  then you will make a choice of whether you want to be with this person are not.

Sometimes in life, people come in our path to bring us to a higher level of consciousness.  When we are at that  level,  we are expelling  out the real you  and attracting other people. At the same time we are also expelling people who no longer feel the same you do.  Is not that you have changed,  is only that you have become more aware of who you really are. When we do this, people might reject and/or not agree with your new perspective as you have risen to an other  level of consciousness.

So how do we deal with this issue? Because now we have friends that see us and might not agree with our new points of view, the answer lays back to, ” how is this person making me grow and/or is this person good for me anymore?”

We must use our intuition and always listen to our gut feeling. I am not saying that critical people are bad, because I am being critical now. Yet I am suing it in a good way and other people use it for negative actions  and/or to feed their ego.

Be true to your self always, never lie to your self,and always resolve all your issues. Never leave anything for later, as later does not exist and is only the now that is.

Love you all so much!!!

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