Healing, Self Serching


We all have something to be thank full for: health, prosperity, love, fear, learning, challenges and so much more. One thing that we tend to forget, is where does it all comes from.

We must take the time and say thank you to your higher power. We must take the time of the day every day and say thank you.

We must also say thank you, for the times  that God put us thru challenging times.

We must embrace and jump in to cold water and not fear nothing!!! When we do so, only then we see what we are made out of. Some people, rather  live and not suffer; how do they now suffer you may ask? Well, they choose not to go under stressful circumstances and/or  rather to  stay in a safe soon. When this happens, then we are comfortable and we don’t grow.

We must thank every time something happens!!! If it negative or positive, is your responsibility to identify and turn what every is happening into grace!!

Truth, Light & Love



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