We are here, We are 144,000

I am a 34 year old being that is here to assist with the Ascension process of the earth. I’d like to help people find themselves, with the neutral point prospective zero point consciousness.

I had my spiritual awakening last year in March 2018 by Archangel Michael. He informed me that there is a mission that need to be done in this planet and I must engage in constructing a consciousness grid.

I founded, BeKind + BeLoving + BeSpiritual in 2018 under the order of star of the 144,000; Archangel Michael. My mission is to enlighten the world and be a peace bearer of the new age.

A lot of people are disconnected from who they really are and it is time for you to remember who you are. We are lost in the matrix trying to inerstand our being.

I am very happy to assist you.

May Truth Light & Love be with you.