Why Meditate ??

All the time, we hear the benefits of meditation, that one is more in the now; we are in balance. we eat better, we sleep better and are more in the now Have you tried to meditate before and you always come to a point where you say, ” ugh this is not for me”, or ,” what am I supposed to do ?,”

Well let me tell you a secret guys, meditation is nothing. Meditation is a state of being where your telling the brain that there is no future. What is that mean? Well we are always telling out self, ” I will do this, I will do that,”, so basically we are living in the future and we are not living on the present. Is like we are bringing the future to the present and in fact is the other way around. We must start with the present to the future. I don’t like to say future, because the future does not exist. We live in the present now and you are creating in  the moment and we are constructing  on top of our self a reality — yet you are already that reality, you must only know to manifest.

Here are the 2 basic thing that you must remember:

  1. Don’t expect anything and you will have everything
  2. Don’t  judge your thoughts

I know is hard right? To seat and not think of anything, but by us judging our thoughts then we are not seating with them. We have to be able to be aware of them but let them pass. Is almost like you flushing them out in to the universe!!

The other part is not to go in to meditation with an expectation when you expecting something we are creating an illusion and that is not real. We must be able to be without anything in order to be and experience everything.

Once you have understand this 2 facts, then you have built a strong foundation for your meditation experience.

So what happens next?? Well that’s not for you to decide, you let your mind go, let it wonder — yet be aware that you are wondering with out loosing focus on the moment.  Is like your  driving a car, you think of what you will make for dinner and you realize that you have not been paying attention to the road.


So….. 2 steps to fly away in to other galaxies and soul travel !!!

Love you all so much !!